Subscriber Picks: 'I would wake up with a mouth full of blood' | Safe to scan QR codes at eateries?

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Scan, order, pay.

QR codes, initially introduced by eateries to reduce physical contact during the pandemic, are now part of the dining experience. But before you scan that QR code to order or pay for your meal, do you know what risks you may be exposing yourself to? Find out more about potential threats, including "quishing" scams.

As we dine in bigger groups and enjoy the freedom that comes with the easing of Covid-19 measures, experts are urging us not to let our guard down against another public health threat - dengue.

More than 8,500 dengue cases have been recorded this year, surpassing the 5,258 for the whole of last year. We speak to those affected, and find out how residents are coping at Singapore's largest dengue cluster in Bukit Timah.

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'I would wake up with a mouth full of blood': Dengue patient shares his ordeal

Even after his symptoms subsided, Mr Gary Yang, 42, continued to suffer from lethargy and a poor appetite for about a month.


askST: How do you know if a QR code is safe to scan at eateries?

You could be putting yourself at risk, just by scanning a QR code to view the menu, say experts. 


Buying a new car? Be prepared to wait for months

Carmakers reeling from supply chain disruptions are now facing another whammy - the prolonged war in Ukraine.


Road dividers along PIE were catching fire. No one knew why

After two years of investigations, the authorities finally found the answer to the puzzling phenomenon.


Just 15, Maximilian Maeder could well be Singapore's next Olympic medallist

SPH Brightcove Video
Kitefoiler Maximilian Maeder has been active on the competition circuit since he was 10 years old.

Homeschooled since young, the kitefoiling world champion has been travelling all over the world, often by himself, to take part in competitions from the age of 10. 


Some S'poreans choosing to hold off travel till year end

Some may not feel comfortable to travel just yet, due to concerns over a new Covid-19 wave or a new variant.


How home owners can cope with rising monthly mortgage payments

A property should cost at most 10 years of a person's income, says a financial consuttant.


It's back to school at 48 for DJ-actor Dennis Chew

Finishing his studies has always been a "bucket list" dream for DJ-actor Dennis Chew, who started his first day of school at Ngee Ann Polytechnic last month. 


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