Subscriber Picks: DBS CEO on crypto, blockchain | $32m luxury goods scam: How did things go so wrong?

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Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, decentralised finance. 

Some may find these terms confusing. How are they different, and how would these technologies change the way we bank and transact?

In an exclusive interview with ST, DBS Bank CEO Piyush Gupta cuts through the crypto-blockchain mumbo jumbo. Is buying cryptocurrencies for your children a good investment? And does Mr Gupta himself invest in it?

Speaking of the importance of investing wisely. Some in Singapore paid hundreds of thousands to a couple for luxury watches and goods, thinking they were getting a good deal. The couple allegedly failed to deliver the goods, and fled Singapore after they collected some $32 million. How did things go so wrong for the victims? And what are some precautions buyers should take?

DBS CEO on what people often get wrong on blockchain, DeFi and cryptocurrencies

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DBS Bank CEO Piyush Gupta cuts through the crypto-blockchain mumbo jumbo, and explains why he bought Bitcoins, which could provide a store of value like gold.

Is buying crypto a good investment? Has DBS or Piyush Gupta himself invested in it?


Interpol red notice against couple in $32m luxury goods scam

How did things go so wrong for the victims? Have red notices been issued against Singaporeans previously?


New Sers 50-year lease option: A solution now, but a tangle down the road?

The situation in Ang Mo Kio has spurred more serious thinking among HDB home owners about the ramifications of having one's net worth tied up in a flat.


She is more educated than her husband and that is okay for more couples in S'pore

"If you want true love, you have to look past these superficial things," said a woman who earns about three times more than her husband.


The up-and-down life of disabled parents

"You wish you could run to make milk for her. But if she's crying, you have to ask someone to carry her over to you," says Jean Ling, who became paralysed in her lower body after a car accident.


Vet existing policies for old or young bias

Is education spending too focused on the young, and health spending too focused on the old? 


3 urban and home farming initiatives to watch in S'pore

Did you know there are about 220 farms in our backyard?


This nerve influences nearly every internal organ. Can it improve our mental state too?

What is the vagus nerve, and why has it become an object of fascination?


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