Subscriber Picks: Business class to Tokyo for $1,956: Fly for less on alternative airlines | Is FTX's fall the 'Lehman moment' for crypto?

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Tech layoffs made headlines this week, with Meta cutting 11,000 jobs worldwide, following similar moves at Twitter and other global tech firms.

The crypto world, meanwhile, was rocked by the sudden collapse of FTX, which has been dubbed by some as the industry’s “Lehman moment”. For non-crypto watchers, scroll on and find out what's the big deal over FTX's fall from grace.

Come Sunday, the trip to town will be shorter and faster for some, with 11 new MRT stations opening under stage 3 of the Thomson-East Coast Line. Ahead of the opening, here's a guide on what you can do and where you can dine near the stations located between Stevens and Gardens by the Bay.

Fly business class to Tokyo for $1,956? For those deterred by soaring airfare, check out five alternative airlines that will give you more bang for your buck.

Hidden food gems along 11 new Thomson-East Coast Line stations

Check out new surprises and hidden gems along TEL stage 3 stations which will open on Sunday.


Fly for less on alternative airlines

$1,956 for a business class ticket to Japan? Here's how you can fly for less to popular cities like Tokyo, Taipei and Seoul. 


Steak, soba, seafood: 7 restaurants in Japan you must not miss

ST food editor Tan Hsueh Yun, who spent a month in Tokyo, shares her list of recommended eats.


'There is nothing wrong to be born a trans woman': Miss Universe's new millionaire owner set to defy norms

“If you have a great body, but you don’t have anything to contribute back to the world, why should we crown you?” Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip, 43, on her plans for the pageant.


FTX’s fall: Is this crypto’s Lehman moment?

Feuding billionaires, rumours of sabotage, and a failed attempt to sell itself to a rival. Here's why the fall of FTX - one of the crypto world’s biggest celebrities - is a big deal.


Meta lays off at least 50 employees in S’pore as it cuts 11,000 jobs worldwide

"I saw the dreaded e-mail and the biggest fear of my career come true," said one of the affected employees.


Package to help offset GST hike to get $1.4b boost

This would help households offset the impact of the GST hike, which kicks in next year, given higher inflation.


Investing when a slowdown looms

Should you keep investing or keep more cash? 


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