Subscriber Picks: 6 days of turmoil: How Anwar beat rivals to become Malaysia's PM | 6 things you didn't know about travel insurance

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Pakatan Harapan chairman Anwar Ibrahim was sworn in as Malaysia’s 10th prime minister on Thursday, ending his 24-year wait to lead the country.

His appointment ended nearly a week of post-election turmoil as rival coalitions fought to garner enough support to form the new government. We look at the many twists and turns, and what went on behind the scenes that led to the formation of Malaysia's unity government.

Are you happy with your job? Making a career switch is daunting, but with Singapore’s retirement age heading to 65, anyone in their 40s will have to seriously consider the option of a second or even third career. How can you prepare yourself for the big switch?

Have you made plans for the year-end travel season? Buying travel insurance is often the least exciting - yet essential - part of planning a trip. Before you set off, check out our guide on how to pick the right insurance plan.

Singapore’s slowing growth carries risk of technical recession in 2023: Analysts

Some analysts believe there is a real risk of a technical recession – two consecutive quarters of negative growth – in the first half of 2023.


6 things you didn't know about travel insurance

Did you know you can buy policies by the hour and get protected if it rains too much on your vacation?


Making a career switch in your 40s?

An alternative career looks promising, but the reality is sometimes more nuanced. Here's how you can go into it with eyes open.


Is it an ulcer or could it be tongue cancer?

One way to differentiate between a common ulcer and one you should be worried about is the presence of pain, say doctors.


South Korea’s First Lady criticised for ‘playing Audrey Hepburn’

The opposition criticised First Lady Kim Keon-hee for visiting a patient in Cambodia to play "Audrey Hepburn", instead of attending an official Asean summit event.


Six days of turmoil: How Anwar beat rivals to become Malaysia’s PM

How Anwar became Malaysia's 10th prime minister, ending his 24-year wait for the country's top post.


Defanged Mahathir will not be easily forgotten

Despite his electoral setback, Mahathir will always be mentioned alongside Lee Kuan Yew and Suharto as among the stalwarts who gave voice to their nations and South-east Asia.


Interactive: Is your eco-friendly shirt really green?

Find out how a simple shirt is made - and how each step in the process contributes to the carbon footprint.


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