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Strengthening identity, competencies of teachers: Ho Peng

Ms Ho Peng has helped set up various teacher academies and language centres.
Ms Ho Peng has helped set up various teacher academies and language centres.PHOTO: MOE

Ms Ho Peng
Advisor and Former Director-General of Education
Meritorious Service Medal

Raising the quality and professionalism of more than 30,000 teachers in the Ministry of Education's schools is no walk in the park.

But Ms Ho Peng, who was formerly director-general of education, has done it with aplomb.

In 2009, she set up a team that worked with teachers across schools, to pick the quintessential elements of teaching.

This led to the launch of the teachers' vision of "Lead, Care and Inspire", a clarion call for teachers to follow their calling.

The 65-year-old also drew up a teachers' code of practice and helped set up various teacher academies and language centres.

These include the Academy of Singapore Teachers, Singapore Teachers Academy for the Arts, Physical Education and Sports Teacher Academy, English Language Institute of Singapore and Singapore Centre for Chinese Language.


Their aim is to strengthen the competencies, identity and ethos of teachers.

"What I am most proud of today is the very strong corps of Singapore teachers led by master teachers in various subject areas," she says.

"The strength of our teaching profession has required several years to build up, but the impact has been great in the classroom and has allowed our curriculum to be implemented well."

Ms Ho believes that education is a key pillar in any society, and is about building the future for both country and self.

"My wish is for our education system to be continually responsive to future needs, and for us to make timely and bold decisions as and when warranted."

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