Stranded Malaysian motorcyclist helped home: 4 viral images from this year's Hari Raya

SINGAPORE - As the holy month of Ramadan ends and Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations begin, many Muslims, dressed in their best, make their way around and out of the country to spend quality time with family and friends.

Here are four images that have been gone viral this season.

1. Kids sitting on a Raya 'carpet' on a festive-themed train

A photo of children sitting on a "carpet" on a Hari Raya-themed train has gone viral, with netizens waxing lyrical about the "kampung" or homely spirit.

The picture was uploaded on Facebook by user Eugene Goh Mu Gen, who said his colleague saw the sight.

He said the children came into the MRT train and sat on the floor after seeing the carpet sticker.

Two Hari Raya-themed trains were launched on Thursday (June 22), one on the East-West and North-South Line, and another on the North-East Line.

The cabins are decorated with ketupat and festive light decals and traditional motifs.

Some carriages, like the one that Mr Goh captured in his Facebook photo, are done up to resemble homes with couches and other furniture.

Madam Haslinda Kassan, 52, an assistant station manager who took the train on her day off, previously told The Straits Times: "It reminds me of the carpet I have, and makes me feel at home."

2. Going Raya visiting - on e-scooters

A photo of a family decked out in matching gold outfits, on electric scooters at a traffic junction, has been making the rounds on Facebook.

At least nine of them are shown on the devices, and some netizens joked that this was the new way to go visiting.

Facebook user Jerlyn Choq shared the photo to Facebook group Singapore Taxi Driver on Sunday (June 25) night.

3. Motorist, traffic policemen help stranded Malaysian motorcyclist return home for Raya

A scooter rider said in a Facebook post on Saturday (June 24) that he was going home via the Pan-Island Expressway towards Tuas when he saw a Malaysian rider struggling to start his motorcycle on the road shoulder.

In his post on the Singapore Police Force's page, Mr Muhammad Fithri said he helped take the man to the nearest workshop as it was nearing Hari Raya and he was on his way home to Johor Baru from Changi.

Mr Fithri praised several traffic policemen who stopped their patrol cars to help.

"As soon as it's about 7.14pm, the car officers reminded me to break fast first, as they need to leave to attend to a case," wrote Mr Fithri.

After the Malaysian motorcyclist fixed his vehicle, he was escorted back out to the expressway safely amid heavy traffic.

The Facebook post has garnered more than 8,900 likes and 1,100 shares, with netizens giving all those involved a thumbs up.

4. Hari Raya before and after

A comic that comedy website SGAG put up on its Facebook page has garnered more than 1,600 likes and 340 shares.

Showing a beautiful woman dressed to the nines in her Raya best, the before-and-after picture pokes fun at what a reveller looks like at the start and end of Hari Raya.

She begins with "high heels for days" but ends up carrying them in her hands as her feet hurt too much.