Straits Times survey: How is the indoor 3G coverage in your area?

From April 1, telcos must meet a new set of indoor mobile coverage standards.

They must ensure among other things that there is mobile phone signal coverage - enough for subscribers to make a telephone call - in at least 85 per cent of an entire building. These rules apply to homes, offices and malls islandwide. Telcos may face fines of up to $50,000 if they fail to meet the standards.

Previously, this standard was applied only to areas accessible by the public, such as lobbies, basement-level foodcourts and carparks. Exceptions are made where building owners have refused to give access to mobile operators to set up 3G base stations in the buildings.

How is the 3G coverage in your area? Have you seen any improvements recently? Tell us your experience through the attached survey.

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