Stock market ends year on a high

The stock market here ended the year in boom conditions, with the turnover reaching nearly two million shares on Dec 30, 1965, the highest in two months, The Straits Times reported.

The market ended its last full day of trading for the year on "a firm and confident note", The Straits Times reported on its front page the next day.

At one stage of trading, it had been necessary to suspend operations for 10 minutes for the contract writers to be able to keep up with business.

  • Business was also suspended so that the writers could keep up with the flurry of trading in August of the same year, after Singapore's separation from Malaysia led to a boom in the stock market.

For instance, on Aug 11, 1965, the third day after independence, hectic scenes were reported in the trading rooms of the Stock Exchange here.

The noise of brokers' clerks shouting bids and offers was said to be continuous throughout the day.

As the year drew to a close, interest was concentrated in industrial shares, and 26 gains were registered on Dec 29, 1965, with the index at 87.06 - the highest that year.


Because of the number of  sportsmen who want rocket-firing motorcycles, this would have been a most lucrative export order. But US dealers are being told very firmly that this is not a tenable export.

A SPOKESMAN FOR THE BRITISH CYCLE AND MOTOR CYCLE INDUSTRIES, after a British maker of a motorcycle with rocket blasters, which was featured in the 1965 James Bond movie Thunder ball, turned down a flood of orders from the United States.

  • This week’s edition marks the end of This Week In 1965

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