"Sticker Lady'' and accomplice plead guilty to mischief

Dubbed Singapore's "Sticker Lady'', Samantha Lo Xin Hui who faces 15 charges of mischief pleaded guilty on Tuesday to seven counts of spray painting Singlish phrases and plastering an adhesive sticker.

Her accomplice, Anthony Chong Tze Chen, 30, admitted to two counts of abetting the 26-year-old graphic designer by acting as a lookout while she spray painted the words "My Grandfather Road'' on Telegraph Street, and "My Grandfather Building'' on the wall of Realty Centre in Enggor Street on May 17 last year.

Chong, who runs a creative design business with a partner, also admitted to committing mischief with Lo by pasting a sticker with the words "So Kancheong For What'' on a pedestrian sign along Robinson Road that morning.

The court heard that apart from the offences in the city area, Lo, then a sub-editor in charge of event planning and brand consultancy, had spray painted the words "My Grandfather Road'' infront of a bus stop on Old Tampines Road in March, using a black acrylic stencil and a can of white spray paint.

On the evening of May 16, she called Chong and asked if he wanted to go "bombing'' with her. "Bombing'' refers to the act of spray painting graffiti. Lo brought metal stencils, an improvised window-cleaning rubber blade attached to a mop holder and stickers to Chong's office. The pair took a cab to Maxwell Market, and later committed the offences.

She was arrested on June 3 while Chong was arrested eight days later at Changi Airport. Both made full restitution of the costs of cleaning to the affected parties.

District Judge Christopher Goh postponed sentencing to May 8 pending community service order, day reporting order and pre-sentence reports.

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