Stay vigilant while shopping during GSS: Police

With shoppers likely to get a bit caught up shopping during this year's Great Singapore Sale, the police have reminded the public to be extra vigilant and alert to their surroundings at all times.

In a statement on Friday, the police said that as with previous years, large crowds are expected at major shopping centres, which provides an opportune time for criminals to commit various crimes, especially theft.

Thieves are known to steal exposed items such as mobile phones and wallets from bags and unzip or slit the bags victims. At times, they may deliberately bump or jostle into shoppers in a crowd as a way to commit theft. Members of the public are advised to avoid exposing their cash and other valuables in public areas and not to leave their valuables unattended at any time.

Police in the statement also reminded retail outlets to be extra vigilant against shop thieves during this period. Retailers are advised to take precautionary measures, such as installing closed-circuit televisions with recording systems and displaying posters or signage to deter shop theft.

Women shoppers in particular have been advised to remain vigilant during this period. To avoid becoming a victim of molest, police urged women to be wary of strangers and try to move around in groups. If molested, they should immediately shout for help and call '999'.

The GSS is an annual event where retailers islandwide offer significant discounts to consumers. It begins on Friday and will end on 28 July.

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