ST Explainers: Week of political upheavals

World politics hogged the headlines this past fortnight. The blistering marathon campaign for the US presidency came to a close on Nov 9 with the election of Republican candidate Donald Trump over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. In South Korea, President Park Geun Hye faced her biggest political crisis as an influence-peddling scandal broke. And in Hong Kong, there was upheaval after two young pro-independence lawmakers were barred from taking their seats in the legislature.

Bumpy road to the White House

The biggest news has been Mr Donald Trump's shock victory over Mrs Hillary Clinton in the race to the White House. Before polling day, US Bureau Chief Jeremy Au Yong offered a quick primer on the presidential election.

As Mr Trump pulled ahead, ST Explainers revisited his bumpy journey to victory.

The Straits Times also tracked how the tide turned in Mr Trump's favour.

ST Explainers also looked at what some of the President-elect's likely policy moves would be.

Finally, brush up on your Trump trivia with a listicle of 10 things about the President-elect,, as well as the incoming First Lady Melania Trump.

Too close for the President's good

South Korean President Park Geun Hye, 64, has had to publicly apologise after reports that her friend Choi Soon Sil, 60, had had undue influence over her. The pair have been close friends for more than 40 years. Our explainer gives a rundown on the scandal.

The basics on Hong Kong's Basic Law

In Hong Kong, controversy erupted over China's interpretation of the city's mini-Constitution. The move was China's fifth interpretation of the Basic Law since the 1997 handover of the former British colony. China correspondent Chong Koh Ping and Hong Kong correspondent Joyce Lim have written a primer on the Basic Law, and the implications of China's decision for Hong Kong.

174 years of shopping history comes to a close

Closer to home, news broke that department store John Little will close its last outlet by year end. We look at the history of the oldest department store in Singapore, set up by a Scotsman in 1842.

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