ST Explainers: Trump's legal battle over travel ban, murder in KL airport and new e-bike rules

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The legal battle in the American court system over US President Donald Trump's travel ban and the shocking murder of Mr Kim Jong Nam, half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, took the lion's share of attention in the past fortnight. ST Explainers also looked at more light-hearted topics, from keeping cut flowers fresh for longer to the evolution of national service over the past 50 years.

Trump's battle in the courts over his immigration order

US President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration triggered a legal battle in the American courts and provided fodder for ST Explainers. Our first explainer laid out the basics of the legal fight when Mr Trump's administration appealed to the courts to stay a temporary restraining order issued on Feb 3 by Judge James Robart As the legal battle developed, the different points of view and the possible outcomes were addressed in our second explainer When the appeals court ruled to maintain the freeze on the immigration order, we looked at the implications of the unanimous, 29-page opinion at

Murder of N. Korean leader's half-brother at KL airport

News broke on Feb 14 that Mr Kim Jong Nam, one-time heir apparent to former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, had died after he was attacked at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2. Learn nine things about the 45-year-old with this short biographical write-up: As Malaysia's police swiftly arrested two women suspected of having attacked the estranged half-brother of North Korea's current leader Kim Jong Un, ST Explainers rounded up the theories and questions surrounding the dramatic murder at

Committee on the Future Economy's report

The Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) is the third committee to study Singapore's economy to make recommendations for mapping out areas for future economic growth. Its report was released on Feb 9. Read our explainer and watch our video for a breakdown on the committee's report at

National service changes over 50 years

How has the experience of national service changed for Singaporean men over the past 50 years? ST Explainers looks at seven ways, from footwear and food to vocations and the dreaded Individual Physical Proficiency Test requirements, at

Indonesians vote in regional elections

Indonesians headed to the polls on Feb 15 to vote in the country's second simultaneous election since independence in 1945. Indonesia bureau chief Francis Chan gives a quick summary of the elections, the candidates and the process at

How to make cut flowers last longer in the vase

Valentine's Day is over, but you can make those bouquets last a bit longer with this helpful list of tips and tricks. By the way, crushing an aspirin tablet into the water does not help cut flowers last longer:

Videos on basic kitchen tips and tricks

For more tips and tricks, this time about cooking, check out ST Food's new video series, Basic Kitchen Tips. These videos offer kitchen newbies quick tips for handling basic cooking chores. Food correspondent Rebecca Lynne Tan has a trick to cutting onions without the tears in episode one, and, in the second video, she shows you how to divide a whole chicken. At

What e-bike users need to know about new rules

The Government has introduced new rules to regulate the sale and use of electric bicycles. Watch this video where transport reporter Danson Cheong explains the rules e-bike owners need to know, at


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