ST Explainers: Trump at work, Dow Jones' high, CNY tips

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United States President Donald Trump had a busy first week in office and the stream of executive orders which issued from the White House offered material for a few ST Explainers.

The Chinese New Year holiday also provided fodder, as did the Williams sisters' entry into the Australian Open tennis final and a record-breaking Dow Jones Industrial Average, which broke 20,000 points.

Trump's executive orders during his first week in office

One of the first things Mr Trump did in office was to kick-start the process for the United States to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Read our primer on the TPP and the implications of an American withdrawal at

After that executive order was signed, Mr Trump proceeded to sign a series of executive orders. For a timeline of what he has signed, go to

Another election promise he has moved to deliver on is his ambitious plan to build a wall on the Mexican border. The key points of his plans for the wall are explained at

His executive order on immigration has caused a global uproar. Sort out the facts from the hype with our primer at

If you are wondering what exactly is an executive order, read our explainer at

Dow Jones soars above 20,000 points

Despite talk of a global economic slowdown and gloomy outlook, the Dow Jones Industrial Average finished above 20,000 points for the first time on Jan 25. Find out more about how fast the Dow climbed and the reasons for the market rally at

Co-founder of company behind Pac-Man game dies

The co-founder of Japanese arcade game company Bandai Namco, Mr Masaya Nakamura, died on Jan 22.

The company is best known for producing the iconic Pac-Man game. ST Explainers revisited the history of Pac-Man.

Clash of the Williams sisters at the Australian Open

Tennis players and siblings Venus and Serena Williams reached the 2017 Australian Open women's singles final. Serena beat her sister to claim her record-breaking 23rd major singles title on Jan 28. We look at the times the sisters have clashed on the courts and the statistics for the sporting duo's careers.

Dangers of escalator rides - what to look out for

A series of accidents occurred on escalators in Singapore recently. Read some basic dos and don'ts of riding escalators at

Chinese New Year greetings and style tips

The Chinese New Year celebrations are a time for families and feasting. Learn how to wish elderly family members Happy Chinese New Year in eight dialects at Besides the usual gongxi facai, journalist Alyssa Woo suggests eight festive greetings in another video at She also offers a style guide for women who want to maximise the mileage for their red Chinese New Year clothes at

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