ST Explainers: North Korea, Asean and bedbugs

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North Korea's nuclear capability and US President Donald Trump's reaction to its ongoing tests dominated world headlines in the past fortnight. ST Explainers looked at the impact of Pyongyang's belligerent stance. Asean's 50th anniversary also offered fodder for our digital coverage, as well as topics ranging from virtual currencies to bedbug infestations.

What experts say about North Korea's nuclear threat

North Korea's nuclear capability hit the headlines when US President Donald Trump threatened the state with "fire and fury" if it continued with its missile and nuclear tests. We look at what the experts say about Pyongyang's nuclear capability and the threat it poses at

We also look at the impact escalating tensions have had on North Korea's neighbours, how the world is responding and who might be the target of an attack.

North Korea has threatened to fire four intermediate-range ballistic missiles into the ocean near Guam. Here is a breakdown on what can be done to stop the missiles.

China's alleged theft of US intellectual property

President Donald Trump signed a memorandum on Monday that will likely trigger an investigation into China's alleged theft of United States intellectual property. ST Explainers looks at the presidential order, the details of US allegations against China and China's response at

50 little-known facts about Asean states

How much do you know about Asean and our regional neighbours? As Asean turned 50, ST Explainers collated a list of stories on little-known aspects of each member. Learn about Vietnam's smallest minority, Indonesia's chicken-shaped church and Myanmar's biggest cave.

Clearing the air on carbon tax, new vehicle emissions rules

Stricter vehicle emissions standards will apply in Singapore soon, and car buyers are finding discounts as dealers seek to unload models that do not meet the new standards. For a quick rundown on the new carbon tax and emissions rules, read our explainer at

Digital tokens and financial advice for millennials

Virtual currencies have become hot investment bets in recent years. But before you jump in, Invest editor Lorna Tan has six key points for you to note. She points out that since 2015, a little over 100 police reports have been filed over investments involving digital tokens. Read more at

Besides cautionary notes about virtual currencies, she also has investment tips for millennials starting out in their careers. ST Explainers crunches down her financial advice in a handy listicle at

How to minimise exposure to bedbug infestations

Bedbugs were in the spotlight last week as low-cost carrier Scoot and cinema chain Golden Village each encountered a customer complaint about the insects. ST Explainers looks at the bloodsucking critters, and offers advice on what you can do to avoid getting bitten and to minimise your exposure to an infestation.

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