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Sports is the inequality equaliser

Sports can be a powerful tool to remove social barriers and equalise social inequality (Why school sports matter; May 14).

Unlike academic strength, enduring sports legacies cannot be groomed with money alone.

It takes a small dose of luck with a lot of sheer hard work.

Many of the world's leading footballers used football as their ticket out of poverty.

Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, shared a room with his siblings when he was growing up and had never been on a plane until Manchester United signed him up. He became successful because of his innate gift for football and the hard work he put in to improve his craft.

Sports can unite people of all social classes and races.

I support any initiative by the Ministry of Education to promote this as a panacea to Singapore's escalating inequality situation.

Justin Chua Jun Jie, 13, Secondary 2 student

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