South-east Asian brands respond to 'crispy' rendang furore with cheeky social media posts

In a show of solidarity with netizens, several South-east Asian brands have responded to #Rendangate with tongue-in-cheek social media posts. PHOTOS: FACEBOOK/SINGAPORE CIVIL DEFENCE FORCE, KFC MALAYSIA, IKEA SINGAPORE, TGV CINEMAS

The recent furore over comments made by a MasterChef UK judge that a contestant's rendang dish was "not crispy enough" has inspired several South-east Asian brands to respond with tongue-in-cheek social media posts.

Many of them used the hashtags #CrispyRendang, #Rendangate and #RendangIsNotCrispy, in a show of solidarity with netizens caught in the online fury.

Here are some of the interesting posts we've seen.

1. Singapore Civil Defence Force

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) saw the uproar as an opportune time to remind Singaporeans not to leave their cooking unattended.

On Wednesday, it posted an illustration on Facebook showing a boiling pan on a stove in a smoke-filled kitchen, with a cheeky caption that said "le 'crispy' rendang".

"Last year, SCDF attended to 402 fires caused by unattended cooking. Don't leave your cooking unattended. #CrispyRendang," the post said.

2. KFC Malaysia

Fast food chain KFC was among the first to chime in with posts on Facebook and Instagram of a bucket of its fried chicken, set against a backdrop of flames highlighting just two words: "Not Rendang."

"The only thing that should be crispy is our fried chicken," the posts said.

KFC also gave a shout-out to Malaysian MasterChef UK contestant Zaleha Kadir Olpin for her now controversial dish.

3. Ikea Singapore

Swedish furniture chain Ikea on Thursday hopped on the bandwagon by posting a photo of its Tolerant wok, with the caption: "Tolerates everything. Except 'crispy' rendang.'"

Consumers were told that the wok, priced at $12.90, is "for cooking your meals to perfection, crispy or not".

Netizens took Ikea's post and spun more puns from it, with one saying in the comments "whoever did this ad, I think you guys are over kualified for the job," in reference to the Malay word for wok, or kuali.

4. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia's national carrier joined in the crispy conversation on Wednesday by featuring the nasi lemak from its in-flight menu.

In its post, Malaysia Airlines said that the dish is served with "real chicken rendang, sambal, boiled egg, ikan bilis and peanuts".

"Guaranteed non-crispy," it added for effect.

5. TGV Cinemas

If rendang is not meant to be crispy, then Malaysian cinema chain TGV Cinemas knows what should be.

On Wednesday, it posted a photo on Facebook of its popcorn chicken snack, with a side of chilli sauce and a bottle of soda.

"Certain things aren't meant to be crispy," it said. "Luckily our popcorn chicken is."

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