Some in Singapore will pay for a whiff of Trump's Success

Online retailer saw sales of Empire and Success fragrances jump 40 per cent since Mr Trump's inauguration.
Online retailer saw sales of Empire and Success fragrances jump 40 per cent since Mr Trump's inauguration.PHOTO: PERFUME STORE

What would you do to smell like success? For some people in Singapore, that means buying US President Donald Trump's line of fragrances.

Sales of Empire and Success have jumped by 40 per cent at local online retailer since Mr Trump's inauguration as the United States' 45th President on Jan 20.

Most of the buyers are locals, said store founder Gabriel Lim, 27. The eaux de toilette are priced at $59, $79 and $89, depending on the bottle size.

Describing the fragrances as "powerful in nature" and able to "bring out one's masculine personality with their woody base", Mr Lim said: "I was curious about the Trump (scents), but I never thought they would do well here. Most of our customers also bought them out of curiosity."

He brought in his first batch of 60 bottles from an international distributor last October, when Mr Trump was still trailing behind his rival, Mrs Hillary Clinton, in polls in the US presidential election. The batch was sold out and, in January, he brought in another 120 bottles. He has about 10 bottles left.

Sales of the Trump scents in December and January were above the usual sales for other scents at the store, said Mr Lim.

The fragrances are not the only Trump-related products sold in Singapore. Online retail portals Lazada Singapore and Qoo10 carry fashion merchandise that bears the name of Mr Trump's daughter, Ivanka, such as shoes, bags and clothing.

Caps that bear Mr Trump's campaign slogan, Make America Great Again, can also be found on the websites but may not be directly linked to either father or daughter. Lazada and Qoo10 said they have not seen an uptick in sales of these items.

The Trump brand has been the subject of controversy ever since the President announced in January that he would not completely divest himself of his business empire. Last month, he was criticised for slamming retail giant Nordstrom for "unfairly" dropping Ivanka's clothing line.

His adviser, Ms Kellyanne Conway, also drew criticism when she told Americans during a television segment to "go buy Ivanka's stuff". She was later accused of violating government ethics rules.

Anti-Trump groups - such as Grab Your Wallet - have set up boycotts of anything associated with the US President.

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