Soldier jailed for sex with two minors; Told one minor he was a "Satanist"

A 21-year-old army regular was jailed for 20 months on Tuesday for having sex with two minors. Neither the accused nor the two girls, then aged 15 and 11, can be named as there is a gag order.

A district court heard that he was initially given a 12-month conditional warning for having sex with his girlfriend, aged 15, at his home in November 2008. He was then 17. The girl, now 19, became pregnant and underwent an abortion.

He breached the condition of the warning to remain crime-free for the next 12 months by committing similar offences.

This time, he preyed on his 11-year-old cousin. Claiming that he was a "Satanist'', he told her in October 2009 that since she was the first person to touch him, she must have sex with him or else "Satan'' would "come after her''.

The girl became disturbed and later on, began to believe him as she started seeing "figures'' in her bedroom. She was often scolded by her mother and she attributed the incidents of "bad luck'' to the fact that she did not have sex with the accused.

The two were in the living room one day when he asked her if she could recall what he had said to her and she acknowledged. She performed oral sex on him and they had sex afterwards. He had sex with her without her consent in March and April 2010.

When seen by the Child Guidance Clinic, the younger victim reported being made use of, had passive suicidal wishes and poor sleep due to the abuse. Nine other similar charges against the younger victim were considered during his sentencing.

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