SMRT adds short trips to bus service 190 to help ease crunch for commuters

Transport operator SMRT said six short-way trips added on Friday evening to downtown routes handled by bus service 190 appear to have eased the crunch for commuters.

"The situation has improved as we found that passengers were able to board the bus at heavily loaded areas in town," said SMRT in a Facebook post just before 10pm on Saturday.

The update comes after a video, filmed by a frustrated commuter who claimed she was unable to board SMRT bus service 190 after 13 tries, went viral last week. The edited eight-minute footage showed that most of the buses were packed, while some did not stop.

"We will continue to monitor the situation and make further adjustments accordingly. Again, we wish to highlight that everyone has a part to play in making our journey a pleasant one," added SMRT in the post. "Please move to the rear of the bus so that other passengers may board the bus."

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