Slight haze possible if dry weather cause hot spots to rise in Sumatra

The haze at Marina Barrage on Aug 27, 2016.
The haze at Marina Barrage on Aug 27, 2016.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - A change in wind direction and more hot spot activity in Sumatra could bring some haze back to Singapore.

No hot spots were detected in central Sumatra on Thursday (Sept 15), but dry weather conditions are expected over parts of central and southern Sumatra, said the National Environment Agency (NEA).

There is a possibility that Singapore could experience slightly hazy conditions if hot spot activities increase in central Sumatra, NEA said.

Meanwhile, Typhoon Malakas, currently east of the northern Philippines, is forecast to move towards the north-west.

This is expected to bring a shift in the prevailing winds in the surrounding region to blow from the south-west or west.

NEA said it is monitoring the situation and will provide updates when necessary.

For Friday, the air quality is forecast to be moderate. The one-hour PM2.5 concentration is likely to be normal.

Thundery showers are expected in the late morning and early afternoon on Friday.