SkillsFuture scheme: How it can help you

Credits or cash grants for training courses last a lifetime

  • What are SkillsFuture Credits?

Cash grants from the Government for professional development courses.

  • Who is eligible for them?

Singaporeans who are 25 and above from next year.

The credits last a lifetime, so even retirees who are not working can use them.

  • When can the credits be used?

The Government will introduce them next year.

  • How will the system work?

Eligible Singaporeans will be informed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) when and how their SkillsFuture Credit accounts can be used.

  • How often will the credits be topped up?

More than two million Singaporeans aged 25 and above will get an initial $500 credit next year.

Regular top-ups will be made in the future.

  • What courses can the credits be used for?

Government-supported training courses. These include Ministry of Education-funded courses at polytechnics and universities and those offered at public agencies such as the WDA.

The credits can be used for courses related to a person's job or to pick up another work skill - for example, one could learn wine appreciation in order to become a sommelier. The credits cannot be used by individuals to pursue hobbies such as fishing, gardening or sports.

  • Can your employer ask you to use the credits?

The credits can be used only for training which individuals wish to go for. Employers should not get their staff to use the credits to pay for company training courses.

  • What if you do not use the credits?

The credits will not expire and can be used throughout an individual's lifetime. They will expire upon death or annulment of Singapore citizenship.

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