Six top things that Singaporeans do when using their smartphones

Commuters on the train with their eyes fixed on their smartphones. -- ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM
Commuters on the train with their eyes fixed on their smartphones. -- ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

SINGAPORE - Singapore has once again topped the world, and this time it is in smartphone adoption and usage.

The country's smartphone adoption rate stands at 85 per cent on the recently-released Google Consumer Barometer. It is ahead of countries such as South Korea (80 per cent) and Sweden (75 per cent).

According to the research, these are the top six activities that Singaporeans engage in using their smartphone:

1. Use search engines (77 per cent)

That's only because a search engine is usually the default home page for people's mobile Internet browser. Apart from that, Singaporeans also use search engines to check food reviews to find out what they should have at a restaurant - when the waiter arrives to take their order.

2. Check e-mail (76 per cent)

People frequently check their e-mail on their phone even when they are not in the office, as they are expected to reply to e-mail immediately. Setting an out-of-office e-mail notification does not stop their bosses from contacting them after office hours.

3. Visit social networks (69 per cent)

Singaporeans aren't being anti-social when they tap away at their phones while in a group outing. No, they are actually being extra-social by reaching out to friends and family outside of the group they are currently engaged in.

4. Take photos/videos (66 per cent)

It's a three-way split between selfies, pictures of food, and cat videos.

5. Watch online videos (55 per cent)

Singaporeans love their online videos, and 35 per cent of those who watch videos on their smartphone do so while walking at a snail's pace along narrow, crowded corridors.

6. Look for product information (49 per cent)

Many do this while shopping at a retail store - to see if they can get the same product cheaper online, or whether there's a seller on digital marketplace Carousell.

Source: Google Consumer Barometer Website

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