Singaporeans say they have no time to read

Fewer Singaporeans are reading books, and the reason they say, is that they don't have enough time to read.

A recent survey by the National Arts Council found that less than half of Singaporeans read at least one literary book a year.

Literary books include fiction, poetry, drama, graphic novels, creative non-fiction, critical writing and anthologies.

This falls far behind other countries like the United States, where 76 per cent read at least one book a year.

Singaporeans we spoke to say it's because of their busy lifestyle.

"Nobody stops and reads. Everybody is just rushing around very busy with their lives," said Evangeline Koh, 15, student.

While fewer Singaporeans are picking up books, they do enjoy other forms of reading like magazines and newspapers. 

"News is knowledgeable and up to date, whereas novels you have to be following and reading to the last story," said 59-year-old Monica Ling.