Singapore shows a negative trend in five social health areas: NVPC

Singapore has a negative trend in five social dimensions, according to a report by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC).

The Singapore Social Health Report shows that more can be done in these domains - family, healthcare, housing and transport, income security and individual well-being.

For example, in terms of family domain, the number of marriages has gone down and cases of divorce and domestic violence have spiked. In healthcare, demand has gone up due to an ageing population, and cost of care has increased too.

Domains showing a neutral trend include culture and values, education, and social connectedness and community cohesion. Civil and political participation reflected a positive outlook. This means that more people here are involved in social causes and showing more interest in politics.

The report was compiled based on information from various data sources including Government sources and research reports. It aims to develop social indicators that would complement existing economic progress here. NVPC also hopes to chart social progress in Singapore over time.

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