Singapore Customs officers threatened during operations; police report filed

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Customs has made a police report, after its officers were shouted at and threatened by some men while they were arresting a peddler.

A two-minute, forty-four-second video had appeared on the Facebook page of All Singapore Stuff on Saturday (Sept 2), showing some men shouting aggressively at the officers.

One man alleged that one of the officers had pushed him, while another said they did not show their passes to identify themselves.

The video was filled with vulgarities, and one of the men told the officers they were lucky he did not "hammer" them. The officers were seen telling the man to stop taking the video.

In a Facebook post on Saturday night, the Singapore Customs acknowledged that the video has been circulating on social media.

The post added that the video had been taken during an anti-contraband cigarette operation on June 30, during which officers arrested a peddler.

"Another man, who was approached by the officers, began shouting at and threatening the officers," the Facebook post said, adding that a police report has been made on the incident.

"Singapore Customs takes a serious view on members of the public who abuse or threaten our officers when they are carrying out enforcement operations."

It also advised people to cooperate with Singapore Customs officers during enforcement operations.