Singapore Cricket Club president , vice-president survive vote to remove them

The Singapore Cricket Club.
The Singapore Cricket Club.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - A move to remove the president and vice-president of the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) has failed by a majority vote, according to a notice issued to club members by the club's general manager Nigel Stearns.

A resolution to remove SCC president Baldev Singh and his deputy Brian Teo, who had attracted criticism over an austerity plan to preserve club finances, was not passed at a special general meeting on Thursday night.

A second resolution to remove seven members of the General Committee who had signed an October 26 petition seeking the ouster of Mr Singh and Mr Teo also failed.

Two other resolutions seeking an inquiry into the conduct of the seven General Committee members were declared invalid as the requisite period of notice for the resolutions was not observed.

All four resolutions at the meeting did not go through and all incumbents retained their posts. Thursday's meeting lasted until 11.30 pm and was attended by more than 600 people, an unprecedented number.