Singapore Budget 2014: Revised energy labelling scheme for home appliances

Shopping for greener home appliances such as air-conditioners, refrigerators and clothes dryers will become easier from September 1, when revised energy labels are rolled out.

Under the National Environment Agency's (NEA) revised Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme, appliances will be given a rating of between one and five ticks - with five ticks indicating the most efficient models, and one tick, the least.

They will also carry energy labels with estimated annual energy cost and energy consumption information.

This compares to the existing tick rating system, which gives appliances a rating of between zero and four ticks - with four indicating that the appliances is among the best in its class for energy efficiency.

The no-tick band, said the NEA in a statement on Tuesday, "will be removed as some consumers were confused when they came across labels without any ticks".

From April, those shopping for televisions will be the first to benefit from the revised labelling scheme, as these appliances will be the first to carry the new labels.

The NEA estimated that potential energy savings for the whole of Singapore from switching from low to medium or high efficiency televisions are estimated to be between $12.2 million and $19.7 million every year.

To greater help households lower their energy consumption, the NEA is also requiring that clothes dryers and general lighting meet minimum energy performance standards from later this year.

Currently, only air-conditioners and refrigerators need to meet such standards.

"There is now an increased availability of such appliances in the market. This spells good news for consumers," said the NEA in a statement. "Their upfront cost is lowered further as energy efficient appliances become more affordable."

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