SIA warns of scam touting free tickets

Another round of scams targeting Singapore Airlines (SIA) customers has proliferated online, with the airline putting out an advisory to warn customers.

The new iterations of the scams ask for customers' personal data on the pretext that they have won air tickets or were selected for a lucky draw.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, SIA said that it was aware of the scam, which was carried out via e-mail, messages and phone calls.

"We advise customers to exercise discretion when revealing personal data to unverified sources," it wrote. "Recipients should verify such e-mail and phone calls if they have any doubts, as well as lodge a police report."

SIA also advised customers to be wary of phishing websites that appear similar to its official website, and to exercise caution in sharing their personal information and credit card details online. It asked customers who wish to verify such e-mail or calls, or report a fake SIA website, to fill out the feedback form found at

This is the latest in a series of scams that has dogged the national carrier.

In December last year, the police put out an advisory warning customers to be on their guard against phishing attempts from scammers posing as SIA.

In the scam, victims received e-mail asking them to participate in customer satisfaction surveys with the promise of rewards. The link in the e-mail led them to a website resembling SIA's real webpage, and victims were prompted to enter their personal information and bank account details.

In November, a scam that circulated on messaging application WhatsApp involved asking victims to share a link with 20 friends to win free first-class SIA tickets.

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