Share It Forward campaign to spread positivity and create happier workplaces

SINGAPORE- Singapore Kindness Movement and innovation company 3M launched on Monday the Share It Forward campaign, to encourage office workers to spread positivity and create happier workplaces.

In two hours over the lunch period at shopping mall Raffles Xchange in Raffles Place, more than 200 notes containing mostly motivational messages and words of gratitude were collected.

Messages written mostly by office workers in the area included notes for colleagues. They wrote things such as: "Keep Calm and Be Kind" and "Thanks for being my lunch kakis (buddies)!".

Some of the messages wished Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong a speedy recovery after a surgery for his prostate cancer on Monday. The Prime Minister's Office said on Monday that the operation was successful, and that he is expected to fully recover.

Dr William Wan, general secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) - along with staff from 3M - kickstarted the campaign.

He said: "In a nation that prides itself on a strong work ethic, it's no secret that the average employee in Singapore spends most of their waking hours in the office. This is why at SKM, we believe that kindness is the foundation on which a positive workplace culture should be built."

The billboard for the messages will be up at Raffles Xchange till Tuesday (Feb17) while the campaign will carry through to end-March.

The campaign aims to "inspire graciousness through creative ways, to uplift the office environment and spur productivity at the workplace".

The organisers hope to get 5,000 office workers involved.