SG Gives raises more than $11 million for charity in 2013

Singaporeans gave more than ever in 2013, with donation portal SG Gives raising more than $11 million for charity last year compared to more than $8 million in 2012.

More than $4 million was raised in the month of December alone, with the last day of 2013 seeing a 42 per cent increase in donations compared to the same day last year, said the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) in a statement on Monday.

The donation portal also saw a 33 per cent increase in the number of unique donors, to 10,714 in 2013.

Mr Laurence Lien, chief executive of the NVPC, said: "We are encouraged that people still make giving a priority and remember the needy even as they celebrate the festive season. We hope that more will not just give, but inspire others to do so as well."