Sex-for-grades: Trial resumes with law professor found fit to stand trial

Law professor Tey Tsun Hang has been declared fit to continue to stand trial in the sex-for-grades hearing, which resumed Monday after a two-week adjournment for him to undergo tests at the Institute of Mental Health. Tey, a suspended associate professor from the National University of Singapore, faces six charges of corruptly obtaining sex and gifts from a former student in exchange for better grades.

In a report by Dr Gwee Kenji, an IMH senior clinical forensic psychologist, he had concluded that Tey's severe memory deficiencies were only consistent with people suffering from "severe brain damage...chronic and severe psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia, or in individuals who are malingering".

Citing the report, Deputy Public Prosecutor Andre Jumabhoy said Tey might have been "putting it on (an act)" because he suffers from "none of those other conditions". This came after Tey, 42, had in multiple instances claimed not to "fully recollect" material details in his relationship with former student Darinne Ko, or his treatment by anti-graft officers. Tey disagreed.

The heated cross-examination which had culminated in an acute "hyperventilation episode" on April 17 continued Monday, with Tey growing visibly antagonised. At one point, he yelled at the DPP for "twisting words again". Chief District Judge Tan Siong Thye interjected and told Tey to control his emotions.

The prosecution pursued the line of argument that not only did Tey give his six confession statements voluntarily to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, he was trying to buy time by getting "CPIB to chase its own tail" in his statements, which he now claims to be false confessions. Tey replied: "This is typical twisted reasoning to take an innocent man down, that he lied. He lied so that he can be charged for lying to CPIB for more criminal convictions, to be locked up in Changi for a longer time, you think he's insane, psychotic? We're not living in East Germany."

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