Sex-for-grades trial: Law professor 'baited' ex-student into giving him sex, gifts

Law professor Tey Tsun Hang never intended to declare to his employer, the National University of Singapore (NUS), his past relationship with former lover Darinne Ko, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Andre Jumabhoy in the sex-for-grades corruption trial on Wednesday.

Ms Ko's enrolment in a class he taught at NUS should have also raised a red flag for a person of his professional experience.

"Had you declared... the decision would have been taken out of your hand as to whether you can continue to teach her," Mr Jumabhoy asserted. "I suggest to you that you deliberately and consciously sought to hide from the university the fact of your relationship."

But Tey, accused of corruptly receiving sex and gifts from Ms Ko, in exchange for awarding her better grades, replied: "She and I knew the relationship was over. It didn't cross my mind and I was fully confident that there was no way I could compromise the integrity in assessment."

On his second day cross examining Tey, the DPP continued to suggest that the 41-year-old had manipulated Ms Ko, now 23, into giving him sex and gifts. Tey faces six counts of corruption.

Mr Jumabhoy told the court that Ms Ko was baited into having sex with Tey because of she was "impressionable" and it was "difficult for her to distinguish between the individual from the office he holds".

Tey, however, maintained that he and his former student were "mutually charmed".

"Do you think she is so innocent and impressionable that she was hoodwinked by a (then) 39 year old guy?" Tey replied. "She's a brilliant young student practising now in one of the top international law firms in Singapore."