Sex-for-grades trial: Law professor back in court for verdict of case

Law professor Tey Tsun Hang arrived in court Tuesday morning for the verdict of his sex-for-grades trial.

Wearing a blue cardigan over a white shirt, he sat with his hair gelled back and head bowed at the witness stand.

Tey, 42, faces six charges of corruptly obtaining gifts and sex from former student Ms Darinne Ko, 23, in exchange for better grades.

Earlier this month, after the close of the trial, he told The Straits Times that the day of the closing submissions was 'the beginning of the end', but declined to elaborate on what he meant.

The trial began in January and saw about 10 witnesses being examined by the prosecution. Later on, Tey argued against the admission of his six statements to anti-graft officials, and a trial-within-a-trial took place.

Chief District Judge Tan Siong Thye found those statements admissible, and the main trial resumed.

Towards the end of the trial, Tey seemed weary and let his lawyer Peter Low take over the questioning of the witnesses, although he began the trial declaring that he would conduct his own defence.

The defence has tried to show that the relationship between Tey and Ms Ko was "reciprocal". However, the prosecution's case remains that Tey had taken advantage of Ms Ko, and abused his professional position for personal gain.

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