Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

Several people create icons to share on social media in memory of Mr Lee Kuan Yew

SINGAPORE - Several people have created icons and art works in memory of Mr Lee Kuan Yew after he died on Monday at 3.18am at the age of 91. He died at the Singapore General Hospital where he had been warded for severe pneumonia since Feb 5.

Here are a handful that have been shared on social media.


I know everyone's newsfeed is flooded with LKY's stuff. But bear with me too while i express my condolences through my little tribute. This is one of his memorable speech made during a Rally at Raffles Place, 1980. “Whoever governs Singapore must have that iron in him. Or give it up. This is not a game of cards. This is your life and mine. I’ve spent a whole lifetime building this and as long as I’m in charge, nobody is going to knock it down.” From a Third World to First. He had set Singapore on a path that has seen average incomes rise 100 times, with investments across the globe, a widely respected civil service and world-class infrastructure. Indeed, he is one of the legendary figures of Asia in the 20th and 21st centuries. Deep down, respect to you Sir. #riplky #thankyoulky #singapore #JazePhuaductions #JazeKeepGoing #Pen #Ballpoint #Art #drawing #sketch #sg50 #tribute #doodle #leekuanyew #lky #rememberinglky #singaporepride Medium used: Ballpoint Pen x Photoshop

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Our 50th year should be dedicated to him.

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IN THE WEE HOURS OF MO(YEW)RNING// In perhaps the ,best' way I can convey my feelings; black and white and on paper. Although some feelings get lost along the way in my inaccuracies of representation and skills, each grid represents either the past, or the present. To simply put it, I cannot visualize how the nation progresses thereafter without the presence of the Dear Sir. Someone who has been there and seen the nation through its best and the worst, even discreetly watching us, as we grow day by day. He gave his life to all of us and he lives on in our hearts. But without him, it is very unlikely that we will be here today. Maybe we would, but we might have been the villagers living in the fishing village this land was. Dreaming the small dreams because the big dreams seem so far away. Nature or nurture, there's one similarity between the realists and idealists in Singapore - dreaming big dreams, despite living in a small, red dot. Sir, the emphasis on sciences has always overpowered that of the arts. But to draw, for me, is how I connect with people - even if they're no longer here. To learn the details of your face, and to visualize, or imagine, or put myself in your shoes, to feel the joy and grieve and all the immense capacity of all that you contain. As a flag-raiser in primary school, we knew little of half-mast, and it simply meant to mourn the loss of an important figure who shaped the nation. But eight years on and if I could raise the flag once more, for you, it would be the longest national anthem ever; done so with deepest respect and utmost gratitude. You defy the wedding vows that say, "till death do us apart". And once again, you did what people deem impossible. Joined in life with Mrs Lee, love knows no limits - your wish and hers is to be reunited together hereafter, with your ashes mixed. To see you bend to kiss her thrice as you said goodbye to her half a decade ago was as devastating, if not even more. The reluctance and pain within must have taken a toll on you, but you stay on to watch the country grow a little more. If that is not resilience, then what is? #RIPLKY #tributetoLKY #rememberingLKY

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Jeff Cheong told The Straits Times: "In memory of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, a few of us here have pulled the tributes tweets that’s poured out online and assembled them against the backdrop Mr Lee’s iconic moments. We’ve brought it a little closer to home and echoed a term that many of us used to call him - ‘Ah Kong’.

Ah Kong’ is Hokkien for grandfather. Some use it as a term of endearment, some as a form of respect, even awe for our founding father.

Regardless of our race, language, religion and political creed, Mr Lee Kuan Yew has undeniably given his entire life to build this nation we call home. A place he has brought from third-world country to first-world nation. He will forever be our ‘Ah Kong’. May we never forget him and what he has done for us all."

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"Mr Lee Kuan Yew" After 15 hours or so of torturous hand writing session, it's a wrap. Approximately 18, 000 words written. Only drawing pens used, no correction fluid/tape involved. Firstly, this piece of work is meant as a tribute to the great man himself, who is critically ill right now. As much as i would love to see Mr Lee recover and celebrate the nation's 50th Birthday, we ought to prepare ourselves for the worst. My prayers go out to Mr Lee and the family. One thing is clear though: without Mr Lee, Singapore wouldn't be what it is today. And as i drew the picture, it reminded me of two things: 1) success requires dedication and perseverance. 2)mistakes are inevitable. Whatever wrong decisions Mr Lee has made in the past (If any) does not change the fact that he dedicated his life into building this Small Nation since independance and brought us to where we are now. We should be appreciative of that, certainly. As for the drawing wise, it has many 'first' in it. Ita the first time i attempt on a A2 size paper. The first time i did any drawing by writing. And the first time i ever drew for nearly 10 hours in a day. Perhaps the most challenging piece so far. Feel free to share this as we pray for Mr Lee's recovery and maybe... This can get viral or something and the man himself get to see it :) #lky #getwellsoonlky @sgig #sgig

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A moziac of our works piecing up for a tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew. #ThankYouLKY #multifoldsframe

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Dad's #LKY #tattoo - #thankyoulky #ripLKY #tributetolky #leekuanyew #singapore

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