Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

Several people create icons to share on social media in memory of Mr Lee Kuan Yew

SINGAPORE - Several people have created icons and art works in memory of Mr Lee Kuan Yew after he died on Monday at 3.18am at the age of 91. He died at the Singapore General Hospital where he had been warded for severe pneumonia since Feb 5.

Here are a handful that have been shared on social media.


Jeff Cheong told The Straits Times: "In memory of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, a few of us here have pulled the tributes tweets that's poured out online and assembled them against the backdrop Mr Lee's iconic moments. We've brought it a little closer to home and echoed a term that many of us used to call him - 'Ah Kong'.

Ah Kong' is Hokkien for grandfather. Some use it as a term of endearment, some as a form of respect, even awe for our founding father.

Regardless of our race, language, religion and political creed, Mr Lee Kuan Yew has undeniably given his entire life to build this nation we call home. A place he has brought from third-world country to first-world nation. He will forever be our 'Ah Kong'. May we never forget him and what he has done for us all."

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