Series of workshops to address the needs of children with dyslexia

The Dyslexia Association of Singapore is organising a series of workshops in November that will look at the needs of children with learning disabilities.

The workshops will feature nine topics that range from examination skills to special education needs. Some topics, such as one on boosting a child's self-esteem, are applicable to children of all learning abilities.

For the first time, experts from the International Dyslexia Association and the British Dyslexia Association - both leaders in research on dyslexia - will come together to share their findings.

There is a need for dyslexia-friendly education because "as many as 10 per cent of the population experiences some degree of dyslexia", said Dr Kate Saunders, chief executive of the British Dyslexia Association in a statement on Wednesday. Those interested in the workshops may visit for more information. The workshops will be held from Nov 18 to 20.