Security guard jailed for lying to friend to borrow $24,110

A security officer lied to a friend that he needed money to pay the medical expenses and buy herbal tonics for his pregnant wife. He also said he needed money to entertain friends of his boss.

Tang Bo Xiang, 30, was not even married. On Wednesday, he was jailed for a month for borrowing a total of $24,110 from Mr Woo Hong Liang under false pretences. He pleaded guilty last month to deceiving the 56-year-old victim in July and August last year.

Tang used some the money to settle debts to loan sharks and spent the rest in nightclubs. Mr Woo, who was unemployed, had raised part of the money by taking a loan against his daughter's insurance policy and pawning his mother's jewellery.

When Mr Woo was unable to get the money back, he went to the police. Tang had made full restitution.

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