Salesman jailed 1 year for misappropriating $32,000 and gambling it at casinos

A man got a job as a salesman for a seafood supplier one day after he was released from jail for embezzlement - then promptly went on to misappropriate $32,100.

Dennis Tan Kay Hock, 47, was jailed a year by a district court on Tuesday. This was backdated to Aug 29 last year, when he was remanded.

The court heard that on April 24 last year, he was released after serving a month in jail for embezzling about $7,500 from his previous employer, a recruitment firm.

He got a job as a salesman in Defu Lane a day later. Between April 25 and June 18, he misappropriated $32,000 from his employer Evergreen Seafood. He later admitted to police that he used the money to gamble at the casinos.