Sales executive jailed 2 weeks for hurting wife with knife

A sales executive slapped and kicked his wife, hit her with a plastic clothes hanger till it broke, and threw a plastic chair at her to stop her complaining. She only retreated to her room after he slashed her thigh with the dull side of a kitchen knife.

Tan Kok Long, 29, was on Monday jailed for two weeks for hurting Ms Tan Chai Nee, 39, a beauty consultant. A district court was told that the assault with the knife left a 10cm-long scratch on her leg.

It all started when she knocked incessantly on the door of the guest room of their Jurong West flat at 7am on Feb 4, 2011. When he opened the door, she attempted to talk to him about their marriage, finances and his extra marital affair. Tan was still sleepy and told her not to disturb him but she persisted. That is when he assaulted her.

She went to the police at 7pm that day and sought treatment at the Singapore General Hospital some two hours later. The medical report listed multiple caning marks on her, the scratch on the thigh and a bruise on her scalp.

Arguing that a fine was the appropriate punishment, defence counsel Ranjit Singh said that Tan was sleepy and in pain. He underwent an operation for a duodenal ulcer two months later. Assistant Public Prosecutor Lydia Goh asked for a jail sentence as the ferocity of the assault was vastly disproportionate to the wife's actions.

The couple has since divorced.