Safety tips for cliff-walking

SINGAPORE - Stay on walking paths during hikes and avoid walking close to the edge of cliffs, particularly during nasty weather, outdoor adventure websites warn.

On Tuesday (May 10), Singaporean Cheng Shi Min, 21, slipped and fell off a cliff in Australia's Blue Mountains while trying to peer over the edge. The Macquarie University student suffered severe head and chest injuries and died in hospital the next day.

On its website, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department urged hikers to "assume all cliff edges are unstable".


"Wet trails or soft sand and earth can make for unstable footing," the website noted, adding that rocks can be slippery even when it is not raining.


Snowy cliffs can also produce overhangs that cannot support hikers' weight, warned South Tyneside, a British community website.

The online guides advised trekkers to wear proper footwear, and stick to the trails.

"Stay behind guard fences and railings, and do not get too close to the edge," reminded Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.