Safety co-ordinator fined and banned from driving over fatal accident at zebra crossing

A safety co-ordinator was fined $5,000 and banned from driving for four years on Wednesday for causing the death of an Indian national who was cycling across a zebra crossing.

Rajendran Mariappan, 44, who was then a part-time delivery driver, was convicted after a seven-day trial of causing the death of construction worker Jagseer Singh, 22, by committing a negligent act along the slip road of Pioneer Road North in Jurong at about 11.10pm on Sept 22, 2011.

He was accused of failing to keep a proper lookout while driving through the slip road without slowing down or stopping at the stop line of the zebra crossing, which resulted in his lorry hitting the cyclist.

The cyclist was on his way back to his dormitory after withdrawing money from an ATM nearby when the accident happened. He died on Oct 12 that year.

Rajendran is appealing against his conviction, and his disqualification order is stayed pending his appeal to the High Court. He paid the fine.

The prosecution argued that Rajendran had breached the standard of care expected of a reasonable driver.

The defence argued that the cyclist, who was wearing dark clothes with white stripes, had contributed to the accident. They say the deceased was already almost 6m in front of the zebra crossing at the time of the accident while the prosecution's case was that he was at the zebra crossing.

Rajendran, who has two children, has resigned from his part-time job. He could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined for causing death through a negligent act.

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