Rude gesture at NDP: Pupil deeply apologetic

A pupil from Henry Park Primary School who was caught on camera making a rude gesture at the National Day Parade (NDP) on Wednesday is "deeply apologetic" for his action and has been counselled, said his school principal.

"The student regrets his action and is deeply apologetic. The school and his parents have counselled him, and will ensure he learns from this incident," Henry Park Primary principal Chia Soo Keng told The Straits Times yesterday afternoon.

The boy made the gesture looking straight into the camera as it panned him and other children at the end of the show, when the performers were gathering for the finale.

Photos and videos of the unscripted moment were circulated on social media. A photo of a school staff member apparently speaking to the boy afterwards while Mr Chia looked on also made the rounds online. The school declined to give any other details.

About 400 pupils from Henry Park Primary were involved in Wednesday's parade at The Float @ Marina Bay, which marked Singapore's 52nd birthday.

They had hand-signed to a National Day song, We Will Get There, performed by Singapore's largest disability-inclusive orchestra, The Purple Symphony, in the fifth act.

Yuen Sin

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