Romania allows key witness in Singapore hit-and-run case

BUCHAREST (AFP) - A Romanian court agreed to allow the testimony of a witness who could allegedly provide an alibi for a former Romanian diplomat charged with manslaughter in a fatal Singapore hit-and-run.

Singapore's government has pressed for "justice to be done" in the case of former charge d'affaires Silviu Ionescu, who was charged with manslaughter, causing injuries and making false statements following the December 2009 accident.

His trial started in October 2010.

The ex-diplomat is alleged to have hit three pedestrians while driving a car belonging to the Romanian mission. One of the pedestrians, a 30-year-old Malaysian, died.

On Wednesday a judge allowed for the new witness to be called to the next hearing of his trial on March 13.

Ionescu said Wednesday that the testimony, of a Greek citizen he had called on the night of the accident, was "essential" as it would prove he was in his office at the time of the hit-and-run.

He claims he was framed by authorities because of his critical reports on the country and denies he was driving the car, which he says was stolen.

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