Robot nurses to the rescue

LR2, or Leg Rehabilitation Robot.
LR2, or Leg Rehabilitation Robot.ST PHOTOS: LAU FOOK KONG

Rimo (below), the Robotic Rounding Nurse, can be used to provide audio-visual medical education on demand, saving the need for human nurses to repeat themselves in case patients forget something or need clarification. It may also be able to help patients order food.

There are also plans to make the robot alert human nurses when patients wake up and attempt to get out of their beds. Before its human counterparts arrive, Rimo will help to check on the patients first.

Another machine, the LR2, or Leg Rehabilitation Robot, can be used to provide six exercise routines for the ankle, knee and hip at the same time. It can be used to help patients suffering from orthopaedic and nerve diseases.

Each patient is assigned an LR2, which allows a specialist to oversee several patients simultaneously.

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