Revised Registers of Electors open for viewing; new overseas polling station in Dubai

SINGAPORE - The lists of Singaporeans eligible to vote at the next general election have been updated and are open for public inspection, the Elections Department (ELD) said on Monday.

The department also announced a new overseas polling station in Dubai. This brings the total number of such stations to 10.

In its statement, the department said the lists or voter rolls - officially called the Registers of Electors - will be open for public inspection from Tuesday to March 9.

Updating the voter rolls is an exercise to keep them up to date.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong asked the ELD to update the voter rolls earlier this month. With the latest revision, they contain the names of all qualified electors as of Feb 1 this year.

Singaporeans can check their particulars in the rolls through the Elections Department website (; at its premises in Prinsep Link, or at community centres and community clubs.

Those living overseas can check their particulars at Singapore overseas missions that serve as polling stations.

During the inspection period, a person can ask for his particulars - name, gender or address on their NRIC - to be updated. He should make sure his name is listed in the correct constituency based on the address in his identity card as of Feb 1 this year.

Eligible voters whose names are not found in the revised registers - either because they have been omitted or because they were dropped for not voting at a previous election - can also apply to have their names included or restored.

An elector can also object to another person listed in his constituency if they know that person belongs to another constituency.

Such claims and objections can be submitted online at the ELD website, or in person at community centres and community clubs, at Singapore missions overseas that serve as overseas registration centres, and at the Elections Department.

Those applying to restore their names to the registers should do so early as such applications will close when the Writ of Election is issued, the department said. The Writ is the legal document that sets the election process in motion.

The ELD added that Singapore's Consultate-General in Dubai has been designated as an overseas polling station for future elections. It joins nine others serving this function - in New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, London, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Canberra. These overseas missions also serve as overseas registration centres.

"Dubai offers accessibility and connectivity to other countries in the Middle East region," said the ELD in its statement.

The ELD added that starting from Tuesday citizens living abroad and whose names are listed in the voter rolls can also register as overseas electors if they have lived in Singapore for an aggregate of at least 30 days during the period between Feb 1, 2012 and Jan 31 this year. They can do so at one of the designated overseas polling stations.

It added that with the revision of the lists, overseas Singaporeans who registered earlier as overseas electors will need to re-register if they wish to remain as overseas electors. They are also encouraged to register early.

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