Residents worried about pigeon numbers, says Sembawang Town Council in response to pigeon culling video


SINGAPORE - The Sembawang Town Council has responded to a video of apparent pigeon culling in Canberra, saying residents had health concerns over the many roosting pigeons at Housing Board blocks in the area.

A video posted by Facebook user Jay Shri JS on Tuesday (Nov 7) showed a worker sweeping up what appeared to be dead pigeons.

The video, which has been viewed more than 52,000 times, drew criticism from netizens who expressed sadness over the pigeons' deaths and asked the poster to inform the police.

One user pointed out that it was not the cleaner but probably "the Government who instructed them to do so".

The culling had taken place earlier this week at Block 302, Canberra Road, and Block 316, Sembawang Vista, a spokesman for the Sembawang Town Council told The Straits Times on Thursday.

The town council had observed an increasing number of pigeons in those areas.

"We have received many persistent feedback from residents on their concern of health and environmental hygiene of pigeons roosting on the air-con and building ledges," said the spokesman.

She added that the pigeon population there had "increased manyfold".

The town council said this was the first time it was carrying out the pigeon population managing measure, adding that it hires a licensed specialised contractor with approval from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority.