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Relook sites blocked on MOE network

In the past years, many schools have replaced their in-house wireless networks with the Ministry of Education's Schools Standard ICT Operating Environment (SSOE) Network.

Security seems to be the primary concern for this, but it is severely stifling for students.

Using the network requires one to install a security certificate. This automatically blocks access to most pages that require the user to have an account.

As a result, students are unable to access sites that enhance their learning, such as Quora, BrainPop and the History Channel.

Websites giving information on higher education or scholarship options, like BrightSparks, National University of Singapore and Oxford, are also blocked.

It is ludicrous that sites like Facebook are allowed but not those mentioned above.

It will do our students no good to be deprived of such educational material.

Surely our technological infrastructure can be improved, including perhaps amending the certificate to block only a select list of websites.

Jordan Ang Jun Sheng, 18, Junior College Year 2 student

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