Relief teacher who swore in class 'no longer hired'

A relief teacher who was filmed swearing in class is no longer working at a secondary school in Yishun where the incident took place.

This comes after a video circulated online showed the teacher gesturing and yelling at a girl in her class.

At one point, the teacher could be heard shouting a vulgar word at the student, who also raised her voice.

Other students in the class appeared amused and were laughing when this happened.

According to the school, the incident occurred on Monday last week, when the class was being "supervised by a young, untrained relief teacher". The school has since counselled the student and the relief teacher involved, and advised them on the appropriate classroom behaviour.

A school spokesman told The Straits Times yesterday that both parties "have regretted their actions and are apologetic".

He added that the relief teacher is no longer engaged by the school.

Relief teachers are hired on an ad hoc basis when a school requires their services.

"We are providing the necessary support to the affected students in the class and working closely with their parents," said the spokesman.

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