Red Cross leads the way in recognising blood donors

Blood donors will be receiving salutes for their contributions - one million of them by June 2013, if the Singapore Red Cross has its way.

Mr Benjamin William, Secretary General of the Singapore Red Cross, said that blood donors save lives with the blood they selflessly donate. "As they continue to do so, we want to remind them that they are not alone. They have a nation supporting and cheering them on". About 400 units of blood are needed daily for tranfusions, with that figure expected to increase in coming years. Patients range from accident survivors to those suffering from conditions like leukaemia or servere anemia.

Mrs Lalitha Pillay, a 52-year-old freelance trainer, welcomed this gesture of goodwill, although she added that blood donors generally "expect nothing in return".

Two counters will be set up, that would allow the public to send their salutations with the press of a button. As of Feb 20. one counter has been placed at The Star Vista at Buona Vista, where it will remain until end of the month.

Another has been placed at Republic Polytechnic, and will be moved to City Square Mall on Feb 22. Salutations can also be given online with a virtual counter at Singapore Red Cross.

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