Recycling electronic waste now easier for South-East residents

Marine Parade and Mountbatten residents now have a way to get rid of their old televisions, phones and computers sustainably.

The South-East Community Development Council on Friday launched Singapore's first neighbourhood recycling for electronic waste there.

Residents can bring "anything with a cord" to their local residents' committee offices on designated days from August to December, while on Sunday July 14 a collection drive will be held between Blocks 65 and 66 Marine Drive, said Mr Paul Wong, managing director of Panasonic Singapore which is a sponsor of the programme. The items will then be broken down and recycled by local recycler Cimelia.

If the six-month trial works well, it may be extended nationwide, Mr Wong said.

Electronic waste, or e-waste for short, contains metals that can be transformed into new products.

"It would be a big waste if we were to simply dispose of e-waste as trash, to be incinerated in the waste to energy plant, because these natural resources are limited and we cannot keep extracting raw materials from the earth at greater and greater cost," said National Environment Agency environmental protection director-general Koh Kim Hock.