Readers pick more objects that represent Singapore's history

Last month, SundayLife! listed 50 objects which told the history of Singapore.

The items, from the earliest photo of Singapore taken in 1844 to the EZ-Link card introduced in 2002, were chosen afte the newspaper spoke to museum curators, combed through archives and dug through personal collections.

After the article was published, the newspaper received moer than 50 responses from readers giving suggestions on objects which they feel best represent Singapore.

Readers sent pictures of old coins and notes, telephone cards and bus guides. Others offered personal artefacts including a medal awarded by the former Singapore Fire Brigade to a firefighter and a 1950s birth certificate from KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

Given the national obsession with food, there were many food suggestions, including roasted chestnuts, keropok (Crackers) and bak kut teh.

Some enthusiastic readers even came up with their own list of between 20 and 50 objects.

Many suggestions included places such as Marina Bay Sands and the former Queenstown Cinema, which would be hard to classify as objects that could be placed in a museum.

Here are 15 objects that represent Singapore, as suggested by ST readers.